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Scented Body Lotion - Denim & Lace

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Scented Body Lotion - Denim & Lace

Our newest formula which is lighter and comes in a pump bottle.  A rich blend of all natural oils in combination of 100% pure Emu Oil, produces a lotion what provides deep moisturizing, softening and hydrating benefits.  Our lotion penetrates deeply to carry much needed moisturizers and nutrients into the skin.  Our lotion is never greasy, and absorbs immediately.  This soothing lotion can be used on the face, as well and the entire body to hydrate and revitalize.  Lose yourself in our new indulgent designer scents!  Denim and Lace lotion is made using a complex, super clean scent.  We combined blood orange and passion fruit laced with raspberry, rosewater and violet.  Crisp and refreshing.

8 oz  pump jar.    

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